The Importance of a Blog

For some reason I am not 100% sure of why I need a blog. Now I currently have one on Tumblr (thief image’s Tumblr blog) but Tumblr has become unstable due to technical issues so I went in search of somewhere new for me to blog. Don’t get me wrong, Tumblr is pretty dam good but they are having some tech issues of late which have become annoying and frustrating, they will fix it that’s for sure but I also felt as though that I needed something to stand on its own and be professional at the same time. The Thief Images blog on Tumblr will be fazed out over the next week or so. Some posts migrated over to here, some deleted for ever.

Still I am not entirely sure why I need a blog, many people actually do quite well from having a blog and that is how they make a living. Me, on the other hand, work my butt off all day and some times way into the night, I come home and feel the need to blog, write about photography, hand out tips and tricks that help people and answer questions etc. Why I don’t know. I am always concerned about getting my photography, stolen, if you will off the pages of the blog and then used somewhere else on the web and thats because I spend a lot of time, money and resources capturing that moment in time. Not something that you want splashed around the net and they do say, once its on the net, it’s there forever.

But to be somewhat successful at having a web presence you need to have a blog, and be good at it. You need to write some good stuff to have people navigate towards you, read your stuff and then come back. So there is no pressure there at all. On top of that the web presence is ever increasing, apparently I need to have a Facebook page, I have no idea why but I think its called social media. Sorry, no Facebook page for me as I am definatley not a fan of that medium. But Social Media doesn’t stop there, there is Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. It becomes a full time job just managing all of those social media pages/ apps. and to be frank. I was around when the computer first arrived in schools here in Australia. Until then we spent ALL day outside with your friends doing stuff. So I am not one to sit and manage “Social Media” as I have other things to do normally outside but there is also the need to spend time with the family and do things with them.

So ultimately, I need to have a web presence, I already have a web presence with the Thief Images web site, I have a Linkedin account but I haven’t used it in a long time. The wife manages any Facebook presence that I have because I can’t stand that app but a blog is something that I can manage. I can write on it or post to it anywhere in the world.  and its me, its me expressing myself (something the wife says I struggle to do), get to show the world what I am capabale of and letting people see my successes and of course my failures.

I think this is something that I will be looking forward to doing on a daily basis and I am sure I will work out what the importance of having a blog is…..

4 thoughts on “The Importance of a Blog

  1. You make some great points regarding the importance of a blog. I have slowly gotten used to the idea of publishing my words to the world, but I have found it to be a liberating experience! Its mainly for myself in an attempt to relieve some of the pressure words can have on my mind, but connecting with others and sharing tips, as you said, is an excellent and worthwhile experience. I’m sure you have heard of RedBubble, the Australian art community? That is where I cut my teeth regarding social network communities, and its become a great adventure. I wish you the best in your travels and photography!



    1. Das,

      I honestly agree, I took the challenge that wordpress threw out about Post A Day/ Post A Week. I originally went for the Post A Week but have found that I am posting at least once a day. You’re 100% right. It is liberating to get what is on your mind and the random ideas that I have out on to paper for the world to see. I am enjoying the experience thats for sure.

      I have heard of redbubble, I do have a very small presence on the site and haven’t gotten involved in the social network communities. That is something else that I intend on doing this year. Removing all my old images and updating it, and definitely becoming more involved in the site. It is very good site. It is in the works and will take some time to get images that I am truly happy with.

      Take Care and Happy Shooting.


  2. блог – это всего лишь часть жизни, и когда нет времени писать в блог – значит все время уходит на другие, не менее приятные дела


    1. haha, I had to use Google Translate for this one.

      For those that don’t speak Russian, the above comment says “blog – it’s just part of life, and when there is no time to write a blog – it means all time spent on other, less pleasant Affairs”

      I agree fully, and one of those less “pleasant affairs” is Work!


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