3 Simple rules to buying a DSLR

You want to buy a DSLR Camera either for yourself or for a loved one. What I am about to tell you is the best piece of advice that you will ever get about buying DSLR Camera.

There are many people out there, including amateur or pro that give advice that you should buy a Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax etc. Most Photographers buy a certain brand. That’s because they have used that brand for a long time and have had very few, if any, problems with that particular brand. So they unknowingly promote that brand. There’s nothing wrong with that either.

But you need to remember that you are buying an investment which you will hopefully use for quite some time.

When you go to buy your camera, you need to follow a few simples rules:

Rule 1: Don’t let emotion sway your decision. I know this is hard because by the time you get to the shop, you might have a preconceived idea on what each camera brand is capable of or favour one over the other. You may have been given a lot of advice from friends and family about which brand to buy. Check them all out, play with them all, then walk out and get a coffee or come back another day and then buy it. You need to make an informed decision not an emotional decision or an impulse buy.

Rule 2: The camera should be an extension of your body. What I mean by this is that the camera should feel comfortable in your hands. Have some understanding of where the controls are and how to use them, be happy with the size of the  LCD Screen. If you are a little senior, a good size LCD screen is a must.

You should be happy with the camera because it is an investment.

Rule 3: Buy what you need, not what you want. There are so many temptations when buying a camera. Some camera’s come with dual lens kits, but you need to ask yourself the question what else do I NEED not WANT. You may need a tripod for those group family shots or that landscape shot and you will probably need a bag to carry your camera in. Ask the shop assistant if they will do a deal for a camera with a dual lens kit and a bag. In todays financial climate you may be pleasantly surprised.

Now if you remember these 3 simple rules when buying a DLSR camera you should purchase an investment that will last a life time.

Happy Shooting

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