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Open Source Photography Guides Project is a great website and the reason is simple. As it states on their website “Detailed Photo Guides… Written by photographers for photographers”. Each country has a Free Photo guide which has been written by photographers all over the world and they provide specific information for that area that you may want to shoot at.

At present there are 13 countries that have been added and they include countries like Australia, United Kingdom, USA, South Africa, Ireland, Sweden and there are many more , also included is Antarctica.

The idea is that any photographer can write the guide to help other photographers that have never been to that area. The guide provides a lot of information such as an Introduction, special features, best time of day, getting there, weather information, special photographic equipment and a Google Maps.

I use it here in Australia to see if any one else has added a new location when I am travelling and I also use when I want to go back to a location that I have been to before to see if it has been updated. It has been invaluable to me and I must publicly thank Brent Pearson, the contributors, site admins as they have done an amazing job.

I highly recommend checking this site out and when you have, I also recommend Bookmarking it as you will want to come back to it. Also don’t be shy on adding your own guide for your country either.

It is an amazing site full of information for photographers of where to shoot that landscape setting and if you are ever strugling for some inspiration you will definitely find it on the Free Photo Guides website.

Happy Shooting

2 thoughts on “Free Photo Guide – Global

  1. This is great! Thanks for sharing. I checked out the site, but it took reading the contributors guidelines before I really grasped what its all about. The operational aspects seem solid, and I look forward to exploring some of the country sites. I might even try to become a contributor! I will look into Google’s Knol soon.

    Take Care! ~das~


    1. This site is awesome, I use it all the time when I travel. It has helped me with finding those spots that I would have never found.

      Hopefully will have some more useful links in the pipeline soon.



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