What Theme Do I Need?

I was looking through the Daily Post tags and ended up looking at other people’s blogs. What I noticed is that people used some really nice themes and they seemed simple and easy to navigate around. I wondered how these people found these Themes that suited them and their needs or did they simply start with the first one they signed up with and then ditched it later for something better. I just didn’t know.

After much mulling over several brews (coffee’s), I had a good look at mine and I must say that I was a little disappointed by what I found. I don’t think that theme that I was using had functionality, was user friendly or even portrayed what I was trying to achieve with this blog.

Once I had decided that I needed an update on the Theme, came the problem of spending ages, and I do mean ages, looking for that right Theme. It’s like buying a new car, you want to take it for a test ride, make sure the kids have enough room in the back, easy to use and the wife can drive it with ease (no large blind spots and she doesn’t need a ladder to get in and out because you decided that you wanted a 6 inch lift kit on that new truck), not that my wife will be posting to this blog or driving my new truck!

After test driving a few like Pilcrow and Modularity Lite , I decided on the Twenty Ten theme. It certainly gave me the impression that it could provide me with what I needed.

CSS and HTML is something that I will not even attempt to understand and I am not sure that I want to know what they stand for either. I do remember writing computer code at school for games many, many years ago but that was as far as I ever got with it. I will not even attempt to write or read CSS or HTML as I fear that I will crash the wordpress.com servers for an extended period.

I ended up buying the car (theme) that I enjoyed the most when I test drove it, it suited my needs, it’s got cup holders as well and the wife should have no problems driving it either but is that the theme that I really need ?

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