Not Your Everyday Bus Ride!

I bet most people will never complain about their bus journey to or from work ever again.

The people of  Timor Leste use these small buses to travel around their country, they wouldn’t normally be allowed in any other country to hold more than 20 or so people, but in Timor Leste that rule is thrown out the window. To make matters worse their is no real time table that is followed, the driver waits for the bus to be full of passengers with their belongings before he is ready to leave, regardless of how many passengers he will likely pick up or drop off along the route. Some of the passengers will also load the livestock that they have purchased at market, such as goats and cattle onto the roof for the trip home, and to ensure that their purchases doesn’t fall off, they will ride on the roof with their prized possessions.

The roads leave don’t leave a lot for the imagination, there are no super highways with plenty of passing opportunities or multi lanes. The roads in Timor normally consist of one lane. Drivers will sound their horns as they approach corners warning of on coming trraffic that they are approaching. Many of the roads follow the coast line and they have some massive drop offs on one side. The trip through the mountains is no easier, many locals will spend the day helping push cars, motor bikes and trucks up dirt, muddy roads only to get to the top to walk back down and do it all again with the next vehicle trying to get pass.

Motorbilkes are means of transport for the whole family, and the whole family will ride the scooter/ motorbike all at the same time. It is quite interesting to see how you can get a family of four or five onto a bike. The really interesting thing is that there doesn’t seem to be any accidents, or very few at all.

The best part of all about the bus, is that it only cost $2.oo USD to go anywhere in the country just don’t think it will leave just after you have gotten on.

Happy Shooting.

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