40 Amazing Online Photography Magazines

I seem to spend a lot of my free time at my local newsagent trawling for new photography magazines to read every week, and I spend absolutley heaps of money on them and I have normally read them before I have even purchased them. I do get told a lot that it’s not a library so I feel guilty and buy one. There are loads of photography magazines out there as well, most cover tips, reviews and places to shoot that landscape, readers pics and some will even feature a Pro Photographer for a particular month.







Even with all of the information that these magazines provide, they tend to become a little boring after awhile and I get sick and tired of seeing the same theme over several months from 4 or 5 different mags. To make matters worse, I have just thrown out a large magazine library because of the amount of space that it was taking up and it’s not like I had people coming over and borrowing them regularly. I certainly didn’t want to count the cost of these magazines either, especially since most mags will cost between $6 for your average magazine to $20 for the “Pro Photography” magazines. The amount that I would have spent would be horrendous.

So I started to search the net to see what online photography magazines were available, and they either had to be free or I figured that I could subscribe for a very small amount.

Thankfully, Smashing Magazine has already done most of the hard work. Some of these magazines are a great read and reveal some amazing up and coming photographers who show some really informative photo essay’s.

Even though Smashing Magazine has provided this amazing list of 40 Amazing Online Photography Magazine’s I would think that there are other online photography magazines out there that didn’t make the cut into the top 40, I just need to find them. There is a resources list at the bottom of the web page which provides links to other sites such as JPG Mag, which I subscribe to.

The sad thing is, I will probably be at my local newsagent tomorrow morning trawling threw the magazine rack looking for that elusive photography magazine that I am yet to read.

Happy Shooting.

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