The Backstreet Butcher

As I walked the back streets of Bangkok, where most tourists won’t go and with my trusty interpreter in tow who also guided me through any potential trouble spots, I found this guy with a cigarette hanging from his mouth cutting up pieces of meat which he was selling to the locals, he was in a small back alley where hygiene was not high on the list of things to do.

All I could think of was thankfully he has a glove on one hand while he cuts up the meat. I photographed him for about ten minutes and not once did I see him take his cigarette from his mouth so I can only wonder where the ash was going, not to mention the flies that were swarming around the meat hanging from hooks above his head.

Image Details:

Nikon D90

ISO 400, A: f5, S/S 1/60

Focal Length: 58mm

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