Australia Day and Jonah’s Road

Australia day is a day of celebration for all Australians, people who have immigrated become citizens at citizenship ceremonies, which are held throughout the country. Many shire councils hold events like the Aussie Arvo where there is loads of entertainment for the whole family and great Aussie food. Some of the activities that are held are Thong Throwing (Flip Flop throwing for my American friends) and Gum Boot throwing, Lamington eating contest and the you can’t have a day like Australia day without fireworks at the end.

One of the bands that played today was a band called “Jonah’s Road” and I must admit they were pretty dam good. These guys really rocked with some good Aussie music and they also played a lot of their own music. Between songs they threw large amounts of chocolate bars out for the kids who raced to the front of the stage to lay their hands on them until the fun police (Security and the events organiser) decided that they were destroying the Australian scene that had been placed at the foot of the stage. Boo the Fun Police.

Anyway these guys rocked and I must admit it was one of the most enjoyable Australia days that I have had in a long time.

Happy Shooting

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