Desert Roadhouse

This roadhouse sits in the middle of the South Australian desert. It provides food and fuel to tourists and truckies who pass through the area as there is nothing in any direction for several hundred kilometres. I have seen fuel being sold there for over a $1.60 per litre and you have little choice but to pay it, even a can of coke can be quite expensive.

One night after work on my way back to my camp I had to pass the road house and saw this, I immediately thought of the Australian outback horror movie Wolf Creek and one of my friends even commented that if they sit quietly he could the back packers scream, I must admit being there late at night can be quite eerie and some of the locals unknowingly add to that feeling you get.

The above image was also featured on the redbubble home page on the 31st of January which I must say that I am shock and honoured all at the same time.


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