Lanes full of colour

The laneways of Melbourne are the stuff street (graffiti) artists dream of, Space to openly contribute art without repercussions. And for the the photographer it is literally a spot to go with camera and tripod because of the colour that has been splashed on to the walls of the lanes. The area is quite busy with people drinking coffee in the small cafes that litter these lane ways. It is also fairly common to see photographers using the lane ways to shoot commercial, portrait and wedding shots. I must admit that its not hard to spend all day there shooting and drinking coffee.  I am looking forward to going back and doing it all again.

The two links below, link to a photographers guide which is an awesome source for photographers all over the world. These two links provide excellent information before stepping out of the door.  I have also written about this previously here.

I took the above image whilst I was there early in 2010.

Hosier and Rutledge Lanes, Melbourne,

Centre Lane, Melbourne

Happy Shooting.

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