Teenagers, they can be Evil!

Teenagers, they can be evil people

This is the first time that I have used studio lighting, a proper back ground and I must admit that its not as easy as it looks however I am having fun with it all. So I will be spending some time working it all out and experimenting for next couple of weeks. I will post some of the images here so you can see how I am going with it all.

To give you an idea, I did have a pretty good wrestle with the soft boxes whilst putting them together, all I can say is thank god for You Tube and the internet. Found so many answers to all of my questions. I won’t be pulling them apart any time soon though.

For this shot I used one soft box on his left set to low power, the camera set to 1/125 shutter speed,  f8 and ISO 1000. I reckon I got the ISO wrong and that’s because I didn’t check it before I started. Not long ago I was shooting in low light (probably more poor light than low light) and I boosted up the ISO to achieve the shot that I wanted (No tripod or flash available) and forgot to set the ISO back to ISO 100, either way there is very little noise in the image.

Any way off to experiment some more.

Happy shooting.

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