Watermarking Your Images

I don’t always watermark my images, its probably because I either forget to do it or I get lazy with actually taking the time to actually watermark. But is there any real advantage to watermarking your images. Some would argue that there is none gained with programs such as TinEye etc out there to be able to hunt down the illegal use of your images but there is an upside to watermarking your images as well.

Watermarking your images that are either posted to your Blog or FB Page do have an advantage. They may get right clicked and downloaded but they may also be reposted on social networking sites which may unexpectedly drive traffic to to your website/ blog/ FB Page and hopefully customers, who purchase other products/images from you, It also gets your name out there which could be also a success.

But where do you place the Watermark ?. Do you place it in the middle of the image or do you place it where it could be cropped out. For me, I place them in corners because I like to be able to see the whole image. I don’t really like the watermark in the middle as it really distracts from the image and what you the photographer/ Artist has created.

I can hear you say but “What about my Copyright?”. Copyright varies from Country to Country and here in Australia it is pretty simple and straight forward. Copyright in Australia is automatic and Free but the copyright law changes from time to time and I recommend that you simply search keywords on the net such as “Australian Copyright” or “Copyright law in Norway”. I could delve into Copyright but I class myself as a “Bush Lawyer”. In other words I have no law degree and I am no expert in it but I do know this, if the person who wants to steal your image and you have watermarked it, they will find a way to remove it anyway or simply take a screen shot of it and then use it how they wish to, once tracked down, you can always take them to court and commence legal proceedings if the person who illegally obtained it failed to properly credit you or even pay to use the image. So watermarking is a bit of a double edged sword.

So once again I have started to watermark my images even though where I place those watermarks would be pretty easy to “crop put” but at the same time I am fully aware that they may also drive traffic to my website as well.

As an example of watermarking have a look below. The watermarks are non obtrusive and lets the viewer see the entire image. The Copyright bit is in the bottom right hand corner and my web address in the bottom left corner. Simple and easy to see but also easy to crop out which is the risk I am willing to take.


So do you believe that it is worthwhile to watermark your images?


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