Stuff I Have Missed

Well, once again I have managed to miss several photography competitions and I can only put that down to not paying any attention as to what is going on around me, either way I found an article this morning on a news website detailing the short list for the Sony World Photography Awards 2012. So I thought that I would share the link with you here so you can check them out yourself. There are some amazing images that have been submitted and they were in the order of 112,000 from 171 countries which is amazing.

Click on the image to see the rest of the short list for the Sony World Photography Awards 2012.

Image description:

Sony World Photography Awards 2012

Arts and Culture, A young man sits in a barbershop chair in Australia

Picture: Paul Strm, Australia, Sony World Photography Awards

Here’s the link to the news article

I would love to know where this Barber shop is, all I can think is that it is way out in the Outback of Australia.

and if anyone knows of any other photography competitions that I have missed, please let me know.

I also noticed these images this morning as well, and I must admit I can see why they have caused some confusion and panic. The artist has certainly succeeded in what he was trying to achieve.

The description says it best ‘Artist Mark Jenkins has raised eyebrows with his bizarre and horrifying installations of human-like sculptures stuck in strange positions. Mark Jenkins, 41, places his strange artworks at busy locations around the world and waits for a reaction.’

I highly recommend that you check out his website as the work that he has done is simply amazing because the news gallery has only a few of what he has achieved, some of these are mind blowing.  Here’s the link to the news article with a gallery of images of some of Mark Jenkins work.

I hope I don’t miss anything else this year, I am not off to a good start am I. Oh well Happy Shooting and keep your eyes peeled as you may spot some his work around the world.

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