Alphabet Spaghetti Photography

If you have young children this maybe a good way to get them involved in a photography project, simply find the letters to spell their name with Alphabet Spaghetti and after you have finished you can print them off at home and hang the finished photo on the door of your child’s room or above their bed and have Alphabet Spaghetti for a snack, lunch or dinner or all three.

Purchase one or two cans of Alphabet Spaghetti and get your tweezers or a bread knife and select the letters that you want to use, place them onto some paper towel. Get a white bowl and pour in some of the sauce which covers the bottom of the bowl, it doesn’t need to be thick but rather enough to cover the whiteness of the bottom of the bowl. Place your selected letters in very carefully and arrange them to form what you want to spell out. Once happy, place extra Alphabet spaghetti letters around the outside giving the impression that you have miraculously found that when you poured the contents out, your name suddenly appeared to you.

Once happy with the way you have set the letters up in the bowl, find a spot in the house that has plenty of ambient light coming in such as large window or a doorway, set your tripod up with you camera attached and the best way is to get your camera looking straight down, place the bowl underneath and very carefully wipe away any excess sauce from the edges of the bowl. Set your ISO to 100 to get that crisp clear image and let your camera decide what White Balance to use. Try not to use flash as the flash reflects off the sides of the bowl and the sauce in the bottom of the bowl creating a shiny surface. Manually focus on the letters and ensure that you camera remains on Manual focus mode.

Once you have taken the required shots, rearrange the letters to form new words or names and this is where the second can of Alphabet Spaghetti comes in as it provides you with extra letters that are commonly used. If you can find the a letter like the letter ‘i’ simply trim the letter ‘t’ down and there you have the letter ‘i’.

Download your photos to your PC or laptop and if required clean up your image and then cropped to your desired size.

The words that can be spelled out are endless and this should provide a couple of hours of fun for you and the kids to do. Hopefully they should have smiles on their little faces when they see the photos being printed out and they can hang them up on their wall or take them to school for show and tell. Its creative and gets the kids minds going inspiring thought and ideas.

The mistakes I made doing this project were that I forgot to manually focus my lens to ensure that I had a crisp image, instead I let the camera do it and I don’t think my results were not as good as I had hoped. I also had to use the ceiling lights because we have had no Sun for a month but rather overcast days with loads of dreary clouds and rain. With that in mind, my exposure setting was quite long, probably about 8-10 seconds to get the right exposure. I did use a cable release to stop getting camera shake, I would also recommend that if you can shoot in RAW and if you don’t have the ability to process your RAW images with programs like Light room or Aperture, shoot in JEPG fine to increase the file size and ultimately the quality of the image.

Once you have finished, you can simply microwave the Alphabet Spaghetti and eat your hard work.

In the comments section, leave a link or post a photo of what you have come up with as I would love to see it.

Happy Shooting.


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