Google Plus Nationwide Photowalk -Australia

Now if you haven’t heard of Google Plus, don’t go hanging your head in shame. Its a new social media platform that has been operating for about 12 months and has been only public for about 6 – 8 months. Google Plus has about 100 million active users so far and that is growing monthly. It has been reported that Google Plus had grown 67% in March alone. I would like to define what an active user is – Active  users are defined as someone who actively logs onto their account daily, Facebook has a reported 800 million people who actively log onto their accounts daily, which is mind blowing !  This new kid on the block is not designed to be a Facebook killer but rather an alternative to social media platforms such as Facebook. The interface is clean, easy to use and the interaction with other users is really high but a word of warning, if you don’t interact with people such as commenting on peoples posts or post original content then Google Plus may well feel like a ghost town. Google Plus is not for everyone and neither is Facebook however for photographers of all levels of ability, Google Plus is like having the worlds photographers walk past your door every day, which is fantastic and that’s why I use it.

On the 31st of March, a nationwide photowalk was organised by Google Australia for Australian photographers who actively use Google Plus. It was an awesome event which was held in all major capital cities across Australia. The numbers that turned up in Sydney alone were simply amazing. They had 225 people which is beyond expectations and set a world record for a photowalk. These numbers haven’t taken into account the other cities where they had plenty of people turn up.

Brisbane – 66 people

Melbourne –  105

Perth and Adelaide – 35 each and numerous other smaller cities and towns such as Darwin had about 12 people register their interest and had over 20 turn up on the day. The Sydney event was also broadcast with the help of Weekend Sunrise which is a Breakfast TV show. So they certainly got plenty of exposure in Sydney. Everyone who attended the photowalk received a brightly coloured Google Plus T-shirt and there were some give aways such as camera straps that were given away during the event, unfortunately I didn’t win any of the give away prizes. Oh well maybe next time.

You might be wondering what a photowalk is, well its where photographers of all levels of ability get together and walk a predetermined route and photograph interesting subjects along the way. Some photowalks start before dawn and finish mid morning, some start late afternoon and finish after dusk which in itself provides good opportunities to photograph interesting subjects. Photowalks are also a great way to meet other photographers, network and improve your photography skills as you invariably learn from others as you go plus increase your fitness without you even knowing it.

These are some of the photos that I took throughout the Brisbane leg of the Nationwide photowalk. I enjoyed the event immensely and I would do it all again, even the very early start which was around 5.30 am. If you want to see photos from other photographers that attended the photowalks in any of the capital cities across Australia, simply navigate to and place in the search bar the following: #thewalkdownunder where you will find video and images from the day.

I have also heard on the grape vine that there will be another event or photowalk organised by Google possibly in late June, which I believe is  Google’s birthday, now if this does turn out to be true, I do ask that everyone stays away from the cake until I get there and it better be a late start this time.

Happy Shooting

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