Do I look Stupid Doing This?

As a photographer you need to understand that being in front of the camera can be daunting for most people and its one of the most uncomfortable places to be. Women especially don’t like it because they believe that the photographer will expose all of their flaws, real or not, they generally are not fans of having their portraits taken but how do you learn what its like to be in front of the camera having your photo taken. Well by undertaking a Self Portrait Project and hopefully that will do one of two things.

1. Learn what its like so I can show people that’s its not as scary as it seems because I have done it, or

2. Improve my photography and lighting techniques.

Now you can always aim to have the stock standard photo of you standing there looking at your camera while the timer clicks over and then Boom, Photo taken ! and there you have it, You now have the stock standard self portrait with a surprised dumb look on your face. Straight to Facebook…..I think not. Trust me I have plenty of THOSE PHOTOS. So I decided to take it to another level completely. I come up with the Do I look Stupid Doing This ? project.

Since starting this project, I have found that its not as easy as I had thought, I also found that you as the photographer need to be creative to be able to put the person at ease, which is not always easy and you also need to develop workable with themes that suit the client that you are photographing. So I grabbed props from around the house and started and from there it went down hill ……fast. This is when I  realised that I was about to expose all of my flaws to the world as well, I was going to be open to being criticised for having two chins. So here’s what I have done so far, flaws and all. I would love to hear what you think and if you think I need help, please let me know who to contact.

and the answer is Yes, I do look stupid doing this !.

Happy Shooting



2 thoughts on “Do I look Stupid Doing This?

  1. Do you need help? Possibly. For this? I think Not. Well done Gavin this really is great! I have avoided self portraits for all the reasons you mentioned and loathe being in front of the camera for all those reasons too.
    Thanks for this it is great!


    1. Thanks Lynda. I photographed two good friends of mine and they had problems standing in front of the camera and that’s when I learnt that women don’t like to be photographed because, in general, they see all of their flaws and they don’t want the rest of the world to see them.


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