Check Your Gear !

Here’s a lesson that I learnt tonight. My good Wife and I decided to go to the Samford Show. Its a country show and I thought it would be a good opportunity to get some shots of fireworks and some low light candid shots whilst there.  Much to my surprise, when I dragged my tripod from the car, I realised that I didn’t have that doovalackie that connects the camera to the tripod. I knew exactly where it was… home !
To make matters worse, in the foreground is the fireworks people setting up, so I was in a prime spot with Side Show alley in the back ground with fireworks going off in the foreground. Well it would have been awesome if I had checked my gear before I left home.

So this is a hand held shot of 1.6 seconds 100 ISO. Its one of 8 shots that I got before my camera batteries died. The other 7 shots are garbage.

So the lesson that I learnt is to ensure the camera batteries are charged prior to use and ensure that I have the doovalackie that connects the camera to the tripod with me before I leave home to prevent future stuff ups.

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