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I’m not a shy person by any stretch of the imagination but photographing people in the street with either a fixed lens or wide angle lens makes me slightly nervous, actually rather nervous. My nervousness stems from either approaching someone and asking them ‘Do they mind if I take a photograph of them?’ or just snapping one of them without their consent.  I am not worried about getting told No by someone., however I am not afraid to fit a 300mm long lens to camera and shoot like I’m a sniper. It certainly is a lot easier that’s for sure.

I will overcome this fear, I suppose you could call it that, somehow and until then I might have to do some Street Photography in a group to put me at ease. What I did learn that Street Photography is hard and I take my hat off to photographers who do this type of photography on a daily or regular basis.

Would love to hear your thoughts on how anyone else has overcome this.

Happy Shooting.

2 thoughts on “Street Photography

  1. Interesting post. I don’t think that fear goes away for most street photographers. However, some will argue the 300mm lens is no way to shoot on the street and comes across as creepy. I have a couple shots from a year ago that were taken with a 200mm lens but I don’t use it. I find closer is better.


    1. Brian,

      I don’t think the fear will ever go away for me, I may have to ease into this in a small group. I am also not that much of a fan using the 300mm either because it feels like cheating and does come across as creepy. I want to get closer and that’s something that I will work on.


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