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The idea of todays post is to spread some blog loving around to some of the blogs that I have read and commented on in the past week. So please feel free to click on the links and check out their blogs and photos.

The blog Welcome to My Adventures is about some 4wding, geocaching and hiking adventures across Australia and even throughout some parts of the world. Now I enjoy 4wding and getting out into the bush regardless of the time of the year but every now and then the Australian bush will remind you of exactly who is in charge, and its not not you! and it pays to be prepared for an overnight stay at the very least, even in harsh conditions such as snow and freezing conditions. Spoiler alert: They did manage to dig themselves out in the morning with some much needed help from a passer by.

Well, I’m not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination but according to this post titled 7 scintillating blogging facts that blogs are mostly read in the morning and the peak times seem to be around 10 am. I seem to do all my blog reading at night and hopefully after 5 years I should be famous (if I keep going). Looks as though I have some work to do on the famous part.

and I’m not sure that I agreed with the comment posted by tssreviews. The reason behind it is that I have seen first hand how these colouring books have helped people with PTSD. What seems to happen is that they find them soothing or calming and even a distraction to what has been troubling them.  Even my nearly 70 year old mother in-law is hooked on the colouring book craze. She stated that she has found them to be useful in dealing with stress, and even at 68 she seems to have a lot of stress. Doodling or sketching is a little more difficult to achieve and I think that is because most people may feel as though that doodling is time wasting and their sketches are poor. Its comments like these that immediately sparked a response and emotion from me, which is fantastic so I hope that tssreviews continues to post thought provoking comments and comments in the future.

and there is nothing quite like a book review but what blows me away is the sheer number of book reviews that are here on Ajoobacats Blog. I am struggling to read one book at the moment (ok its Game of Thrones and I’m addicted) and I’m not sure how she has the time to read them all. So before I go buying another book I will certainly drop by this blog to read a review first.

So there you go, no photo today but rather some good blogs to check out and well worth visiting.



One thought on “A bit of blog lovin

  1. so pleased we’re interacting as a result of the project, I wasn’t very good at engaging with the community beforehand.
    1. I’m English, and really interested in reading about life in Australia and in seeing your photography. I’ve an elderly aunt and cousins in Western Australia and my daughter is currently working hard at keeping a long distance relationship going with a guy from Sydney, so have some connection… though it’s quite loose
    2, I tend to read blog posts first thing in the morning (it is currently 8.52am as I write this)
    3. Thank you for tss mention. Taking into account the nature of the blog and my work, what more could I hope for than for someone to say that one of my posts ‘immediately sparked a response and emotion’, thank you
    4. I’m up to speed with the Game of Thrones and waiting on season 6, but I’ve not read the book. Will you post a review if you manage to finish it?

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