The Back Story

G’day, Hello, Hi, Welcome……

These “about me” pages are always boring so the idea here is not to give you a long winded story but rather give you a quick list of who and what I am about.

  • Always have been interested in photography
    • Street photography, its challenging that’s why I love it
    • Street portrait photography, also challenging
  • Friends hate me when they see a camera in my hands
  • Like to push the limits of my photography
  • Failing, yep plenty of times.
  • Learnt by making mistakes, lots of mistakes
  • Nothing is ever easy, including blogging
  • Camera – Sony A7. Pretty sweet camera too!
  • Shoot Film from time to time
    • currently learning how to process film
  • Married with one
  • (Very) Warped sense of humour
  • LIve in Melbourne, Australia

Short and sweet, thanks for dropping by, hope you enjoy your time here and please feel free to subscribe, read or leave a comment.

7 thoughts on “The Back Story

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I have been looking through your blog and you certainly have some interesting and creative shots.


  1. So I came to scope you out after your nice comments on my blog. I LIKE WHAT I SEE. I’m a photography buff as well. I actually have several of my shots in my office at work (hospital). And most patients/families inquire as to who shot those? They are very flattering. I don’t really put many on my blog because my blog is about writing. I’m going to spend some time perusing your archives here when I get a chance. Take care, M8 😉

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    1. You should post some of your photos so others can appreciate them as well. I really did like the photo you had in your blog post. If you find a photo on my blog and you think it’s appropriate to hang in your office. Let me know and I’ll email a Hi-Res copy for printing.

      I hope you enjoy going through archives.

      Cheers mate


  2. Just want to say that I stumbled on your blog and started clicking thru … you have some great photos and snappy posts. Looking forward to seeing more!


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