The Search for the Holy Grail of Camera Bags

I hadn’t bought myself something new for quite some time (the second hand car I bought is not new so that doesn’t count) so I started the search for a new camera bag as I really wanted to move away from a back pack and figuring that it could be a Christmas present that would actually see some use.

Don’t get me wrong the back pack has served me pretty well over the years. Its been completely wet from a torrential down pour but has still managed to keep my camera gear dry(ish) and has carried an array of gear including a 17″ tablet/laptop, wallet, phone, food, water bottles, business cards, jackets and then some camera gear such as my Nikon DSLR, lenses, flash gun, filters, cable release, back up batteries and memory cards. It gets pretty heavy because I know that I can jam so much into it I carry a lot, a lot of unnecessary stuff that I didn’t need at all.

So I decided that the the bag had to meet a criteria with the intent to narrow the choices down.

  1.     Have quick access to the camera (and be able to put it away with ease)
  2.     Be able to carry a DSLR plus lenses, plus some other gear like phone, wallet, tablet/laptop
  3.     Be sturdy and have comfy shoulder strap(s)
  4.     Be able to not be readily identifiable as a camera bag.
  5.     Made in Australia (not a must but a nicety)

20160112_095234So I started the search with the criteria in mind and to much amazement the amount of choices now available is incredible from bags with wheels, back packs, shoulder or satchel bags to small point and shoot bags. It was during the search I was told about a company making these cool bags called No more Ugly Camera Bags and they were fantastic. So I stopped procrastinating and ordered a bag. I felt as thought I had found the Holy Grail of Camera bags. The bag seemed to meet all the criteria that had been set.

Within a few days of placing my order the bag arrived and I tore open the packaging like a 5 year old on Christmas morning…………and I was immediately disappointed.

It looked like a handbag. Now there is nothing wrong with handbags at all, in fact my Wife has a handbag (actually a whole cupboard full of them) and well, I don’t use handbags! Recovering from the shock of ordering a handbag camera bag I decided that I should take a good look at it and see if it is functional and could be used, purely for scientific and research purposes and this is what I quickly realised:

  • Its to feminine
  • It still looks like a handbag
  • It won’t fit my DSLR (with battery grip)
  • Large is, well not large enough

20160112_095119Overall, the bag is beautiful, well crafted and extremely well priced for under $90 but its not for me. I simply can’t get past it being to feminine and looking like a handbag. So before I send it back I thought that I may offer it up to you guys. I reckon $70 (AS Dollars & plus postage) is a fair price and if I get no takers I’ll send it back on Monday. Feel free to contact me about it.

Now I’ve heard my Wife say this in the past and now I would have to agree with her but I am now pretty much resigned to the fact that you can’t simply have one camera bag but you need a camera bag for each purpose.

So now the search continues for the Holy Grail of Camera Bags.


8 Feet

Recently at a theme park, mine and our long time friends climbed aboard a ride that shot straight up into the air, instead of photographing their expecting faces of the anticipated terror and fear I decided to shoot it differently from another angle. I figure that the good old family outing photos don’t have to be boring or even self explanatory but they can be different.

Blogging for 2 Years…. What The ?

After the last blog post went live I received a nice little icon in the notifications bar that said ‘Happy Anniversary’ from wordpress which told me in a rather nice way that I have been blogging for 2 years and it was really a WTF moment ! has it been that long and what I have been blogging about for the last two years, has it been a waste of time, have I learnt anything from blogging. Well I would say that I have learnt a couple of things and one that stands out is the one rule that you shouldn’t be using the words ‘I’ or ‘me’ in your blog posts because no one wants to read about what ‘I’ have done but rather use the words  ‘You’, ‘We’ and ‘Us’.  So every time a blog posts gets hammered out, sometimes in a day and others over a week or more I now try not to use the words ‘I’ or ‘Me’. This simple rule is not that easy to follow but does make you look back at what you have written and how you have written it. You seem to spend quite a considerable amount of time reworking what you have written. That is not as easy at is sounds. notification

I must admit that I was surprised at 2 years of blogging (there I go again with the use of  ‘I’) so deciding to do some research into the last 2 years only to realise that there have been 124 blog posts published. Wow, never thinking that so many posts would have been publish over that time or even if this blog would survive that long. That works out at about 5 blog posts published every month. So into the stats the researcher went (me) only to discover that the stats that accompany all those blog posts are incredibly distressing (reaching for the tissues). Surely the stats must be wrong, surely someone must read this blog, surely it can’t be all that bad, can it ?

Some bloggers do a synopsis of their most popular or controversial blogs posts for the year which is normally released around this time of year and I must admit that they are usually a pretty good read. I considered doing something similar but there is no possibility of celebrating what I have achieved blogging this year. So an idea was born to highlight the failures of this blog, highlight the posts that were not popular or didn’t even register on anyone’s radar. Looking back at what went wrong and why it went wrong is an effective way to improve. Improve in many areas such as writing, photography skills, topics and when is the best time to post (still trying to work that one out) etc.

So here are the top 5 worst blog posts that were destined to be never read, liked or even commented on.

1.  A Letter to my Wife from your Photographer Husband

Deciding to try some humor and then fatefully deciding to write an open letter to my wife about about what I wanted last Christmas, did I get it ? Noooooooo I didn’t !!!!! but there was plenty use of the word ‘I’ and ‘Me’. Did it register on anyone’s radar, sort of, not the people that I hoped to read it but rather some of my wife’s friends and they all commented that they liked it and only to be told that I had no hope of getting what I was asking for.

2.  Do I look Stupid Doing This ?

This is all about a self portrait project that was undertaken early in the new year in the hope of learning what it was like to be in front of the camera and Yes, I did look stupid doing it but I did enjoy myself and I learnt a lot.

3.  Watermarking Your Images

I actually managed to attract a number of comments and one blogger even liked it, unfortunately nearly all of the comments were spam………There is also a poll which attracted two votes (Whoohoo) and I still have the same argument with myself before I upload images to the web.

4.  Alphabet Spaghetti Photography

Designed to be a fun project photographing some slippery food which is slightly out of the ordinary and if it all fails, well at least you can heat the Alphabet Spaghetti and eat it.

5.  Dubai: A city of Many Souls

If there was a list for the most popular, this would have to be on the list, actually I don’t think that it could be categorised as a list with just one item on it. Its my first crack at travel photography/ blogging and I do think its not a bad effort if I don’t say so myself.

Ok, I know that I said 5 of the worst but please don’t make me go back into the archives again and those stats……it’s soooo depressing. Alright, there was all of the POTD (Photo of the Day) posts that were posted nearly every week for quite some time. There is no logical reason why they were posted, absolutely none. That makes 5 of the worst. There were other lessons learned as well like blogging is not a waste of time. Blogging is actually enjoyable and I learn something every time. It is worth the effort of sitting down, writing or posting photos even if its just for myself, for a few or several thousand loyal followers (I wish).

For those of you who do read this blog, get it in their inbox, RSS feeds etc, Thank You for taking the time to read and like it.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my worst 5 for the last 2 years and if you know of any more that have been posted, please let me know.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Dubai: A City of Many Souls

This post was originally intended to be titled ‘Dubai: A Soulless City‘ and the only reason is because we were yet to find the heart or the soul of the city. That one spot or several spots that define a city such as the markets that ebbs and flows with the traffic of traders or people buying their goods, river banks where people sit, eat lunch and talk, where people gather to talk and exchange ideas, discuss politics but none has been found. You know the spot that’s in your city. Well, our search didn’t find the soul, the heart of the city but rather what has been found is that Dubai is a city of many souls all mixed together.

Silver Divers, Dubai Mall

Burj Khalifa Tower – Dubai

Many days were spent walking the ridiculously large shopping malls (thank you for the very large food court), main roads, back streets and all the tourists hot spots to find the heart and soul of Dubai. We never found what we were looking for in the main streets, in the malls or in the tourists hot spots but we did find it in the back streets, the spot that tourists rarely go. We found that people were happy and pretty much friendly. We approached many people for photographs and all but a few were more than happy for us to photograph them. Through our attempts at the local language and the locals broken english we found that many of the people we had come across were from countries that we didn’t expect and they were far and wide with countries represented such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, India and even expats from Australia, United Kingdom, United States.

Street Photography
The back streets of Dubai are the best place to capture people going about their daily business but don’t go down there on your own, unless you are have a black belt in something and can defend yourself like Bruce Lee. The back streets are a mean place and I highly recommend traveling in at least pairs or a small group. We were originally advised not to bother asking Emirates if they wouldn’t mind being photographed but we still ended up doing just that and we really had no trouble at all. We were also advised that photographing women in Traditional Dress is a huge No No, it is offensive to the locals and thats one rule that we really stuck to but there were plenty of street photography opportunities.
The Bearded One

The Bearded One

We approached this guy who was more than happy to have his photograph taken, we both showed him the results on the back of the camera, He smiled, laughed all the while pointing it out to come a couple of other curious locals. He kept adjusting his head scarf to cover as much of his head as possible but still have some sort of air flow to attempt to keep him cool from the heat of Dubai. He was easy to approach but on some occasions we were waived off by the local who didn’t want to be photographed. Even from a distance photographing down an alley, we still received the ‘Evil Eye’ from some, so some quick shots and we were off.
Shadow Rider

Shadow Rider

A group of young men head off through a closed alleyway of shops to the local mosque to answer the call of prayer. Most of the group walked except for one who decided to ride his bike through the shadows.
Night Photography
Probably the biggest mistake that we both made was not taking our trusty tripods, this was mainly due to the weight restrictions of the airline and the huge cost associated with checking another item, so we decided to go without the tripods. We also considered purchasing them in Dubai however we would have the same problem coming home however we did attempt on numerous occasions to take long exposures at night.
Burj Khalifa Tower - Dubai Nights

Burj Khalifa Tower – Dubai Nights

The lights of Dubai are quiet simply amazing and there are a multitude of opportunities to photograph the night. We did attempt it using our bags as a stable base which took some time to effectively master to be able to get some decent shots off. We tried to photograph the Burj Khalifa tower at night and laid down on the grass. We were pounced on pretty quick by security, his hand gestures made it clear that laying down on the grass was a no no and that we should stop immediately. We didn’t argue with him we just simply packed up our gear and moved on.
Chanel - Dubai Mall

Chanel – Dubai Mall

General Rules
Many countries have varied cultures and you should be aware of them before travelling. The UAE has some rules that may seem absurd to westerners but they are the norm.
These are some of the rules that we encountered whilst in Dubai:
1.  Women are not allowed to travel in the front seat of taxi’s.
2.  Males are not allowed to look/ stare at women in Traditional dress.
3.  Women should dress conservatively and don’t show to much skin, below the knees and covered shoulders etc.
4.  Men, if wearing shorts must cover the knee.
5.  Do not photograph Government Buildings/ Military Installations, (you will be arrested and jailed – no questions asked)
6.  Do not openly display a large amount of affection publicly.
7.  Visiting mosques, Check the rules before going in or book through a travel guide as this will prevent aggression from the guards, yes guards !
These are just a few of the rules or what’s considered offensive and there are many more. I recommend checking what the cultural differences are before heading to the UAE. Better to be informed than be begging for forgiveness.
E Street User

E Street

Dubai is an interesting place and it is extremely hard to define. Dubai mall is the largest mall in the world and the Mall of Emirates has an indoor ski slope but whilst we were there it was announced that they will be building a Mall of the World with a Universal Studios Theme park attached. The Mall of the World will be even larger than the Dubai Mall and is expected to handle over 85000 visitors a day. For me those numbers are hard to comprehend. The majority of the building are extremely new, well designed and would make for some great architectural photography opportunities. We did go in search of the old Dubai, where the old buildings with old shops and the real people who live there all their lives as I believed that this would be the place to find the soul of Dubai, but never found it. We also learned that Dubai is only 50 years young and that maybe why finding the cities soul was so hard.
We would go back to the UAE but probably to visit Abu Dhabi instead to see if we could find the culture, the soul that makes up the United Arab Emirates.
Happy Shooting


A Man, His Dog and the Car

This isn’t really about a Man, his dog and the car at all but rather its all about a technique called Panning. Now panning isn’t really that hard to achieve at all and its a lot of fun trying this technique out.

So the idea with the panning technique is to try and capture motion or give the image a feel of motion, for example the car above was travelling about 50 – 60 km/h (30-40 mph). Instead of using a high shutter speed, use a slow shutter speed. The high shutter speed will freeze everything including the background and the woman in the foreground which is what you don’t want. By using a slow shutter speed and focusing on just the speeding object, in this case the car, everything except the car is blurred.

To be best positioned to attempt this technique you need to ensure that there are no street signs or shrubs in your field of view. You also need to position yourself in a safe spot to avoid being inadvertently being run over by an unseen car.

Unfortunately I deleted the images whilst trying to free up some space on my hard drive and I am unable to obtain the metadata for these images but from memory they were taken at the following settings on Full Manual:

Shutter Speed: 80

Aperture: F16

ISO: 100

White Balance: Auto

Now don’t be put off if at first you don’t succeed, try again or get a group of friends together and practice together. It can be a lot of fun and please remember your personal safety when doing this, stand on the footpath and shoot with a clear line of sight to the car.

Would love to hear your thoughts on how you went, and if you like, post a link to your photos because I would love to see them.

Happy Shooting.

Don’t Panic !

I always do a Recon (check of the area) of the site well before I photograph at that site. I determine where car parking is, foot access, where the tides should be at, what’s in the foreground/ mid ground/ back ground, where the sun will rise/ set blah, blah. I actually do put some thought into it. Some time ago I had found a great little dirt track that had trees hanging over the track sort enveloping it which resulted in a massive arch over the track. The trees were full of green and from what I could determine, the sun would rise behind the trees illuminating the track and hoping that the trees would throw out some shadows as well, hoping to add drama to the overall shot. I was willing to spend an hour there at least. It was a beautiful site even in the middle of the day.I had planned on how I wanted to photograph it, I had _That Mental Picture_ in my head of the final results. I figured it would even look pretty good in Black and White.  I then placed that spot on my list of locations to photograph at dawn/ dusk in the very near future.

Well, this morning I got up at some hour that my watch didn’t recognise and drove to the site, all of my gear prepared and with a steaming hot coffee ready to go in my portable mug. When I arrived I found that the trees gone and the dirt track to be a road. The site had been bulldozed with a housing sub division well under construction. I simply couldn’t believe it. I felt as though that I had been robbed ! robbed of a secret location that I hadn’t told another photographer about because I wanted to be selfish. I stood in the early morning light, silent and dumbfounded.

I needed to regroup from this and find another location to shoot and I needed to get there before the sun broke over the horizon. I needed those golden 20 or so minutes to make getting out of bed worthwhile. Not an easy task to achieve considering that first light had already kicked the day off, so now I was not only robbed of a location by developers but also by time and it was against me. So I headed off back down the road, hit the main road and started looking, desperately looking for another location. Down one road to find its a dead end and nothing of any value, panicking I remembered that I knew of a location that was close and I could get there quickly but this spot is a hard location to photograph. I would have to work hard to make something of it. I arrived there to see recreational fisherman lowering their small boats into the water to go fishing. Not thats a problem for them but it was a problem for me because I could clearly see them from 200 metres away, so I knew that I had lost time, valuable time. Fortunately for me the tide was on its way out and had a long way to go so I could get some shots of the sunrise.

What I learnt from this mornings lessons was the following:

1. Always do a confirmatory recon (check of the area you want to shoot in)
2. Always have a back up location in case the first one is not suitable.
3. Don’t Panic

So these are the two shots, that’s right two shots that I feel as though are worthy enough not to be deleted.

Enjoy your weekend and remember, Happy shooting.

Do I look Stupid Doing This?

As a photographer you need to understand that being in front of the camera can be daunting for most people and its one of the most uncomfortable places to be. Women especially don’t like it because they believe that the photographer will expose all of their flaws, real or not, they generally are not fans of having their portraits taken but how do you learn what its like to be in front of the camera having your photo taken. Well by undertaking a Self Portrait Project and hopefully that will do one of two things.

1. Learn what its like so I can show people that’s its not as scary as it seems because I have done it, or

2. Improve my photography and lighting techniques.

Now you can always aim to have the stock standard photo of you standing there looking at your camera while the timer clicks over and then Boom, Photo taken ! and there you have it, You now have the stock standard self portrait with a surprised dumb look on your face. Straight to Facebook…..I think not. Trust me I have plenty of THOSE PHOTOS. So I decided to take it to another level completely. I come up with the Do I look Stupid Doing This ? project.

Since starting this project, I have found that its not as easy as I had thought, I also found that you as the photographer need to be creative to be able to put the person at ease, which is not always easy and you also need to develop workable with themes that suit the client that you are photographing. So I grabbed props from around the house and started and from there it went down hill ……fast. This is when I  realised that I was about to expose all of my flaws to the world as well, I was going to be open to being criticised for having two chins. So here’s what I have done so far, flaws and all. I would love to hear what you think and if you think I need help, please let me know who to contact.

and the answer is Yes, I do look stupid doing this !.

Happy Shooting



Open Source Photography Guides

There are some serious photographers on Google Plus and other Social Media sites sharing some fantastic photos from amazing locations. Have you ever wondered how some of these locations are found. Well, have a look at the Open Source Photography Guides for photographers around the world.

Its global and currently has 13 countries that detail some great locations to photograph, each guide provides you with info on things like Getting There, Where to park, some include google maps, best time to shoot and what equipment to use. Well worth checking out and they are always looking for contributions as well.

I use the Australian link a lot when I am shooting here at home and I have used the global locations when I travel overseas. For me this has become a valuable resource of info on locations that I have never been to before.

Would love to know if anyone else knows of any other open source photography guides on the internet.

Happy Shooting.

Alphabet Spaghetti Photography

If you have young children this maybe a good way to get them involved in a photography project, simply find the letters to spell their name with Alphabet Spaghetti and after you have finished you can print them off at home and hang the finished photo on the door of your child’s room or above their bed and have Alphabet Spaghetti for a snack, lunch or dinner or all three.

Purchase one or two cans of Alphabet Spaghetti and get your tweezers or a bread knife and select the letters that you want to use, place them onto some paper towel. Get a white bowl and pour in some of the sauce which covers the bottom of the bowl, it doesn’t need to be thick but rather enough to cover the whiteness of the bottom of the bowl. Place your selected letters in very carefully and arrange them to form what you want to spell out. Once happy, place extra Alphabet spaghetti letters around the outside giving the impression that you have miraculously found that when you poured the contents out, your name suddenly appeared to you.

Once happy with the way you have set the letters up in the bowl, find a spot in the house that has plenty of ambient light coming in such as large window or a doorway, set your tripod up with you camera attached and the best way is to get your camera looking straight down, place the bowl underneath and very carefully wipe away any excess sauce from the edges of the bowl. Set your ISO to 100 to get that crisp clear image and let your camera decide what White Balance to use. Try not to use flash as the flash reflects off the sides of the bowl and the sauce in the bottom of the bowl creating a shiny surface. Manually focus on the letters and ensure that you camera remains on Manual focus mode.

Once you have taken the required shots, rearrange the letters to form new words or names and this is where the second can of Alphabet Spaghetti comes in as it provides you with extra letters that are commonly used. If you can find the a letter like the letter ‘i’ simply trim the letter ‘t’ down and there you have the letter ‘i’.

Download your photos to your PC or laptop and if required clean up your image and then cropped to your desired size.

The words that can be spelled out are endless and this should provide a couple of hours of fun for you and the kids to do. Hopefully they should have smiles on their little faces when they see the photos being printed out and they can hang them up on their wall or take them to school for show and tell. Its creative and gets the kids minds going inspiring thought and ideas.

The mistakes I made doing this project were that I forgot to manually focus my lens to ensure that I had a crisp image, instead I let the camera do it and I don’t think my results were not as good as I had hoped. I also had to use the ceiling lights because we have had no Sun for a month but rather overcast days with loads of dreary clouds and rain. With that in mind, my exposure setting was quite long, probably about 8-10 seconds to get the right exposure. I did use a cable release to stop getting camera shake, I would also recommend that if you can shoot in RAW and if you don’t have the ability to process your RAW images with programs like Light room or Aperture, shoot in JEPG fine to increase the file size and ultimately the quality of the image.

Once you have finished, you can simply microwave the Alphabet Spaghetti and eat your hard work.

In the comments section, leave a link or post a photo of what you have come up with as I would love to see it.

Happy Shooting.


A Letter to my Wife from your Photographer Husband

Well Dear, there is less than a week before Christmas and thank fully you are not like me, I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet, I must admit that I have sort of been shopping, if you could call it that, I seem to wander without any real idea of what I want to buy for you or the rest of the family but as usual I have left it all up to the very last minute, Where I fight the ever increasing crowds and find that I am followed on the way back to the car, only to realise that they only want my parking spot and not my wallet (Phew, huge sigh of relief, how surprised would they be after robbing me only to find its empty). Once I get home with all of the presents stashed where no one ever looks, in the car, I will do the same thing I did last year. Put the kettle on whilst complaining about the crowds and the lack of parking at the mall only to have you remark that I should have started Christmas shopping a lot earlier than leaving it all to the last minute. But with all of this mayhem that goes on every Christmas I wonder how you know what I would like for Christmas so I thought that I would write you, my dear Wife, a letter outlining what I want, I mean, like for Christmas.

Now what I would really, really like is Nikon to release either the Nikon D800 or D4 but I have to be realistic. Nikon won’t be releasing it anytime soon especially after the Tsunami that struck Japan, closely followed by the Nuclear reactor going into melt down and then Mother Nature threw in some floods in Thailand and both of these tragedies have surely put a dent in their manufacturing capabilities. I would think that they may be trying to maintain their current line of models rather than release new models. I am not really expecting any new releases from Nikon any time soon. This is something that I don’t think Santa or even you can help with.

So in lieu of Nikon releasing their new models, I would be more than happy to find a new Nikon D700 under the Christmas tree. Nikon may have been possibly targeting the semi-pro photographer market which has relatively been untapped for some time, for awhile there, there wasn’t a camera from either Nikon or Canon that was aimed at this market. I mean how many Full Frame DSLRs can you sell to Pro photographers to cover your costs of manufacturing them. At least with a camera aimed at the semi pro market that has the same sensor from the pro line up would certainly help cover those manufacturing costs. I will clarify for you my dear Wife what I believe a Semi Pro photographer is. A Semi Pro Photographer is some one who is transitioning from amateur photographer to full time Pro Photographer, some one who still has a paying job but that income is slowly being replaced by income from their photography business. This can happen either very slowly or very quickly.

Nikon have got some pretty good specs squeezed into the D700 which has been out for awhile and I must say that I was rather disappointed that I didn’t get it for my Birthday but you should consider that this camera from Nikon has a full frame sensor capable of shooting at 5 fps which is pretty good to catch those fast moving kids, which is a lot faster than me but sadly the Nikon D700 doesn’t come with a video capability, so there will be no filming of the kids, shoots very well with high ISO in low light conditions which I seem to find myself shooting more and more in and thats only because of all of the family gatherings are happening later and later in the day, honestly who has lunch at 3 pm, not me that’s for sure and it ruins dinner ! The Nikon D700 also has 51 AF points and 12.1 megapixels. However Canon have got their camera squarely aimed at this market as well, the Canon EOS 5D Mark II which is boasting a massive 21.1 megapixels, Canon developed CMOS sensor with a new 4 processor called DiG!C and the live view mode has some new features like Live Face Detection AF mode plus throw in 1080p HD Video with 30 FPS which is awesome for shooting video, the camera also comes with continuos shooting of 3.9 FPS and standard ISO from 100 to 6400 which will provide excellent detail in low light. All of these make for a formidable DSLR from Canon in anyones terms. I am still undecided if I want or for that matter need a video capability in a DSLR but what ever you decide I will be very happy with but please remember if you are going to give me a Canon EOS 5D Mark II for Christmas, I will need all new lenses to match because the Nikon ones that I currently have won’t fit. I know, I know, its silly.

Speaking of witch, I mean which not witch. Sorry, let me start that again. The love of my life, If a new DSLR is off the table for Christmas, I would certainly be interested in a new lens. I really like, not necessarily need, a Macro lens, and it doesn’t have to be Nikon lens either. It could be a Tamron or a Sigma Macro Lens but the lens must be capable of not only being used for Macro shooting but also for Portraits as well, I mean what good is it just having a Macro Lens for photography of small creatures (and that doesn’t include your nieces and nephews either) if I can’t use it to capture our beautiful family, so the new lens needs to be sort of two lens in one basically. Tamron has got one on offer, its the SP AF 60mm F/2 Di II and is pretty well priced at my favourite camera shop. You know the one, and yes before you ask it’s the one that I spend my Saturdays in with my face pressed up against the glass display cabinets. There’s nothing wrong with that you know !

Now if that’s off the table as well and I certainly hope not but Nikon recently released a new model for their flash guns which is to replace the SB900 flash gun which I have already got, the SB910 was released in mid December which is just in time to be placed under the Christmas tree. I know, I know, what would I want with another Flash Gun thingy I hear you ask. Well I could certainly become very creative with two flash guns and really get some amazing shots of the family….. alright and your friends as well. This flash gun boasts similar specs to the SB900 that I have already got but has some improvements like an overhaul of the menu system which should make it easier for me to use and they have upgraded those flimsy gel white balance filters to hard filters however having another flash gun could increase my creative side using flash and I can use my SB900 together with the SB910. So this is something that you should certainly consider as well. But remember though love, if you have bought me the Canon EOS 5D Mark II I will need a new Flash gun as well. Canon have got the Speedlite 580EX II as their top gun in Speed Lights. This bad boy can be wireless and has the E-TTL II Flash metering which can be set to 1/3 stop increments.  So also another choice for you to consider.

I know that I always use Nikon but you have heard me say many times before that it doesn’t matter what camera you have in your hands, its what you do with it that counts. You are the creator of your vision not the camera, the camera simply captures your vision or your idea. Please when you are feigning interest when I talk about cameras and photography I would rather not hear ‘hmm’ but rather a response resembling words.

Anyway I started to get off track there for a bit but I know that this may seem a lot to undertake and even comprehend but I feel as though that I have to be quite honest, Jocks and Socks simply won’t cut it this year, or that awful thing you have been knitting with your friends for the last couple of months. That can go in the bin with all of the other “excellent presents”, sorry into the cupboard where I treasure those thoughtful gifts (they will never see the light of day).  If all of this seems a little to much. I’ll just take a $500 gift voucher from my favourite camera shop, not the one in mall that you like to go to with your friends, the camera shop in the mall that I go to to avoid your friends that way I can still take photos like this one where I spent the day with MY friends at a Free Style Motor cross event.

Lots of Love

Your Photographer Husband.